Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Christmas Shopping Finds

As tired as you might be after spending a day shopping, the best bit just HAS to be getting home and delving into the myriads of shopping bags to try on your new purchases. With the plethora of gifts and goodies around in this pre-Christmas season it had been a while since I'd had a chance to do such, so it was with much glee that I sorted out my inventory this morning, regaining some of it's normally meticulous order and trying on items as I went.

One of the fun things about this is the sometimes bizarre combinations I end up wearing, with things go on as I get to them. Mismatched hair with mismatched skin, with an ill-fitting hat and mismatched shoes. It's at times like this that I'm happy none of my friends call round unannounced! However, every now and then this randomness creates a winner, and one such happy accident was how the outfit below was born.

The dress/jacket combo is from Cover Girl, a small boutique in a Japanese sim. I'd seen another outfit reviewed elsewhere and went to check it out, but fell in love with the jacket in this set - it looks so soft I can almost feel my fingers sinking into it's fluffiness. I'm not particularly a fan of white, or lace, but the layering on this dress works well. The tights in the centre picture are from another Cover Girl outfit, but they work well here. However I think I prefer the retro-geometry of Bijou's "Stocking E" in pink, shown in the images to the top & bottom .

It takes quite something to get me away from my trademark platinum blonde locks, but as I attached Calla's new "Christmas Rose" demo in Dark Mahogany I knew it was perfect for this. The white of the rose lifts the look, tying in colours and adding a little charm. I picked up the necklace and bracelet at another Japanese boutique, Untone. The earrings are from Shiny Things' Nighttime Gems set.

I couldn't decide which boots I preferred as each give it the look a slightly different vibe, so I've included three variations; the gorgeously funky Chunky Ribbon Boots from Shiny Things in white and pink, Armidi Gisaci Unisex Classic Moccas in red and PixelDolls' LunaViola Basic Boot. We are truly spoilt with the number of fabulous boots around at the moment.

The overall look puts me in mind of something you'd wear to meet your boyfriend's parents for the first time - cutesy girlishness with an underlying kick-ass attitude. Now I just need the boyfriend!

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