Monday, 31 December 2007

Aphrodite's Serenity

It wasn't so long ago that I was commenting (ok, whinging) about the sometimes extortionate price some designers charge for their shoes in Second Life on another blog. I don't think you will be able to make the same complaint about the shoes I'm going to show you today, they are a mere L$150 a pair. Of sculptie shoes. And they aren't just cobbled together (geddit?) either. They are actually pretty damn good.

Aphrodite's Creations
Greyceful Dress (Apple) & Serenity Shoes (Light Green)

I've been a fan of Aphrodite Creations for a while now, since Winter Wonder was released, and met Aphrodite Outlander, the designer, when I visited the store to pick up a copy. She couldn't have been more kind or more helpful. I've since kept an eye out for any new releases, and snapped each of them up. So I was thrilled when she dropped me a pair of her newest release this morning, the Serenity Shoe.

Oftentimes I find that designers tend to be good at one thing and not so hot on another. Excellent clothes designers tend to be not so great when it comes to shoes, hats and so forth. So, I must admit, my expectations weren't high. I was very pleasantly surprised that this doesn't seem to be the case with Aphrodite. In fact, I'd go as far as to say, these shoes are on par with some of the well known & successful shoe designers in SL.

AC Serenity Shoe :: Colour Options

The Serenity Shoe comes in 11 jewel-toned colours that match perfectly with both her own clothing range and the colours other designers are using this season. At L$150 a pair, or L$1250 for the fatpack (almost 25% off!) you have absolutely no reason not to have the perfect footwear for your party frock this New Year! I'll certainly be wearing a pair!

Happy New Year Everyone!

What I'm Wearing ::
Skin :: Series 2 Female Skin ** Special Ed. ** :: DUTCH TOUCH :: (free)
Hair :: Calla Mistletoe Bleached Blondes (Wheat)
Eyelashes :: Cake - Bedroom Lashes - Tintable
Eyes :: Skin Deep real hazel eye SO
Nails :: Skin Within [SW] Creme Manicure
Dress (bottom picture) :: *Punch Drunk*Glam Rock Dress (Teal)
Necklace (Bottom picture) :: Swallowtail Tear Drop Chain necklace!

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