Sunday, 13 April 2008

D'em sticks, d'em sticks, d'em... RED sticks...

Phew! I have more red sticks in my inventory right now than you could shake a.... well, a red stick at! That, together with the low grade fever I'm running at present (thanks darling daughter!) and I was ... errr..... inspired *cough* to be creative....

I have named the necklace that evolved after the designer of the masterpiece "Red Stick" from which it is created, Laynie Link. The Laynie Necklace is available, in a red stick, in my store, ~flirt~ for FREE! You really can't miss it.

Image gratuitously pinched from Laynie's Blog

Whilst you are there, there are three other red sticks hidden in-store. One contains some original artwork, one some funky pre-release earrings and one a limited edition Interactions Oversized Oval Ring in Silver and Ruby!

Click HERE for slurl

Saturday, 5 April 2008

~flirt~ Chunky Bracelets

These chunky metallic bangles came about as a result of the Interactions Bangle. I so loved the way that bangle looks I wanted to make a version that was simple and affordable and in colours that would go with absolutely anything. Available singly for L$50 each or L$275 for a Fatpack of 7, they are on special offer this weekend with 40% off ONLY at the ~flirt~ mainstore.

Comes attached to the right wrist, but these are all copiable, so can be worn on either/both wrists as you wish.

Also, as so many of you enjoyed the mini-hunt I had last week, I have hidden a jewel box containing the Copper & Bronze Chunky Bracelet somewhere amongst the rubble that comprises the ~flirt~ mainstore. Find it, and it's yours for L$1.

Simple Interactions

"Simple" merely because they don't include the characteristic wheel of the Interactions range, the 272 hand placed prims that comprise this necklace and earring set do not reflect their name in any other way. In fact the set contains a multi-texture changer written specifically for ~flirt~ by the marvellous Tecak Oyen which allows the wearer to change the metal and/or gemstones at a single click for 24 possible combinations.

Available in-world at both ~flirt~ locations (Juicy and Pamran). Will soon be available OnRez.

Additions to the Interactions Range

This week has been a week of finishing off items and projects and catching up on things. These two additions to the Interactions range are available at both my Mainstore on Juicy (the one that looks like roman ruins) and my new shop on Pamran.

Firstly, a choker. It comes in all eight of the Interactions colourways, and although it is "no modify" it contains a resize script so you can achieve the perfect fit with just a few clicks.

A second bracelet for the range, this one considerably chunkier but bang on trend (if these things are important to you). Shown in two of the eight Interactions colourways.

Talking of "bang on trend", I hope the fashionista's amongst you will love this ring. Try it with a pair of long black gloves for a look that won't leave you ignored.

Again, these are available in the eight Interactions colourways at the ~flirt~ store in-world, and soon (when SL allows people in) OnRez


I've been so busy building (the store and jewellery) recently that I have neglected to blog my finished pieces as I've released them, so, here is a bit of a catch up, starting with a range that is important to me on a personal level. Let me explain a little more.

Interactions :: Coming Full Circle

Snapshot of Interactions :: Coming Full Circle

This is an exert from the notecard included with the sculpture.

"This piece of Kinetic Art, by Skinkie Winkler is her representation of the interactions we experience as we walk through life. Each curved spoke symbolises a relationship, the circular levels indicating the level of significance, affecting the heart or soul of an individual. As the interaction takes place, as the prims cross , there is disruption of the other, less obvious as the observer moves further away, some causing more interference than others. The prims move on to a period of calmness, before the next interaction, never-ending, ever-changing, the pattern never quite the same again. For the most part the background is slightly blurred, slightly irregular, with highlights and shadows. Yet in the very centre is a small constantly moving window offering a glimpse of what it hidden, what is yet to be, what the future might hold."

Interactions Jewellery

Why art? Because, to me, it has meaning. It's creation changed something inside my soul and expresses a part of me. You may call it what you like - jewellery, bling, junk, it doesn't much matter. To *me*, it's creator, it is art. :: The Meaning Behind The Interactions Jewellery Series :: The design is based upon a kinetic sculpture I built back in January 2008 called "Interactions::Coming Full Circle". This jewellery captures a moment in time, a snapshot of an individual's interactions, their relationship(s) at a point when it is perfectly balanced, symmetrical. At that moment there is perfection, calmness, bliss. Moments later, the balance has gone, but it's not forgotten. It will return, eventually, but it will never last long and it will never be exactly the same. In this wearable art however, it is remembered, treasured and celebrated.

As you might imagine, there is a specific moment in my life that this relates to and was inspired by. Creating this set has allowed me to acknowledge it, to recognise it's beauty, to indulge it's memory and to move on. To look at it and think "wow, that was wonderful" rather than yearn for it's return. Perhaps you have a similar special moment? If so, I hope this piece helps you to remember, cherish and celebrate it.

"Je ne regrette rien"

Interactions pieces are available singly, or as a set. I do not apologise for the high price tag on them. They represent many many hours of work, and, in essence, contain a small part of me.

Thanks go to Noel Oh for the high resolution images of the jewellery.

Available at the ~flirt~ mainstore in Juicy and from my OnRez Shopfront

~flirt~ spiral piercings

I have made a further two sets of piercings to add to the ~flirt~ piercings range. What I love about these piercings is that you don't have to be a goth/punk/urban/street/ghetto/whatever-usual-clich├ęs-wear-piercings" to wear them. They are a little subtle and truly beautiful whilst giving you a certain "edge". Of course, I'm slightly biased *grins*.

These two sets are based on a spiral piercing, with a "dangle" of either a tiny prim diamond/gem or a tiny sculpted prim heart. Four pieces are included for both ears, right eyebrow and lip. Male and female sizes are included. The male diamond lip piercing is slightly different to the female version to avoid it looking too..... errr... girlie. I think the lip-ring and diamond chin stud however works well. They come in my usual 5 metal colours, plus gunmetal & silver with onyx in place of the diamond.

See in store for full range.

Thanks to the delicious JoshuaStephen Schism for modelling with me for the pictures (it was tough work! *grins*) and Noel Oh for the jewellery close-ups and male silhouettes.

Some Saturday fun

Apparently I'm not very psychic..... but then you knew that of course.

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Are you?

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Change to ~flirt~ blog

Due to the recent changes in Linden Lab® policy regarding trademarks and the usage of the name Second Life® and abbreviations, I have had to change the URL of the ~flirt~ blog *sigh*. Please could you update your bookmarks/links to

Also, as I am *still* waiting for the ~flirt~ blog to be added to the Fashion Planet newsfeed (and probably longer now I've changed the URL) I will be cross posting store news here for the time being. Not ideal, but that's the way it is.