Thursday, 1 May 2008

Your vote needed - PJira issue [#MISC-1124]

Do you, like me, keep an eye on the Fab-Free or FREE*STYLE blogs/groups and take advantage of the fantastic freebies designers make available to their groups? Do you have "IM to Email" turned on? If so, you may well have come across this problem and, like me until this morning, not understood there was a bug underlying it.

It seems that if you have joined certain groups, Muism, magi take shop, and 369 amongst them, even if you have left the group you may receive offline emails from the group owner saying "You have a message from [Group owner's name] waiting for you in Second Life. Log in to see it." This was NOT sent by that person, and they are completely unaware of it.

Despite it not being their fault, the persons named in the emails have been the recipients of abuse regarding this. To quote from one profile ::

"I've received IMs abt emails saying there r msg from me waiting for u in SL. If u don't see msg from me after logging on, it's definitely SL playing tricks on us. I've logged ticketsss to Linden. It's a technical issue NOT caused by me but if I could walk into Linden lab to pull the plug I would. So if u want this to stop, log your tickets too. I am usually not rude but I have to ask u to STOP IM or sending me notes on this & if u swear at me, I promise I will report the abuse. "
[Name withheld so not to worsen her problems]

If you have received ANY of these emails, or even if you haven't, but think this should be fixed, I would urge you please, take a few minutes and vote on [#MISC-1124]

If you have never voted on the Public JIRA, below are instructions::

  1. Click HERE
  2. At the top left click on "log in"
  3. Log into the JIRA using your normal second life name and password
  4. You will be taken straight back to the correct page for [#MISC-1124]
  5. Look at the column on the right hand side
  6. Scroll down until you see "Voting"
  7. Click where it says "Vote For It"
  8. Your name will be added to the list of voters

Linden Labs prioritise which issues are addressed in which order partly on how many votes the issue receives, so PLEASE, make a small difference and vote. Thank you.


Bradley said...
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Bradley said...

Hey Skinkie,

I haven't experienced it but based on what I see in the JIRA it looks like a lot of people have. It would be a nuisance to to get a message then log into SL to find nothing there. You got my vote.

Big Hugs to you!

CF Scout said...

That is how I feel about it. Check out the possibilities at