Sunday, 13 April 2008

D'em sticks, d'em sticks, d'em... RED sticks...

Phew! I have more red sticks in my inventory right now than you could shake a.... well, a red stick at! That, together with the low grade fever I'm running at present (thanks darling daughter!) and I was ... errr..... inspired *cough* to be creative....

I have named the necklace that evolved after the designer of the masterpiece "Red Stick" from which it is created, Laynie Link. The Laynie Necklace is available, in a red stick, in my store, ~flirt~ for FREE! You really can't miss it.

Image gratuitously pinched from Laynie's Blog

Whilst you are there, there are three other red sticks hidden in-store. One contains some original artwork, one some funky pre-release earrings and one a limited edition Interactions Oversized Oval Ring in Silver and Ruby!

Click HERE for slurl

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