Tuesday, 12 February 2008

~flirt~? Moi? (and other news)

I've been a tad slack at blogging over the last month. I could make all sorts of excuses.... but I won't, 'cos I've been SLACK. But.... I will show you what I've been busy doing in SL *grins* Well, hint at it anyway ;-)

~flirt~ is the name of my upcoming jewellery and art venture. The name kinda seemed appropriate dontcha think? It will be part art gallery, with some of my favourite creations on show, maybe for sale, and part shop, selling pieces of jewellery I have created, some of it inspired by the art I've made, some of it requested by friends, and some of it just for fun.

My first finished items are now available FREE as part of the La Reina Valentine Hunt which runs until February 15th. There are cute bright pink hearts hidden all over the shops and boardwalk at La Reina which contain gifts from the vendors and some of the residents. I have put out three special valentine editions of my ~flirt~ Hearts & Diamonds set which includes choker, earrings and two bracelets. Another special set is also being sent out to the ~flirt~ group later today (if SL stops kicking me offline every two minutes). As soon as I have finished the vendor images for this set (they are taking an age as there are 25 variations) I will put them up on OnRez and SLX.

I am hoping to get the shop set up in the next week or so, to coincide with the release of my first "couture" jewellery set called "Interactions" plus some male jewellery I have been working on, so keep your eyes peeled for further news.

Oooohhh, in the "other news" part of this post, I was approached by Celebrity Trollop a couple of days ago and... well... I'm going to be blogging for Second Style Fashionista! Woot! Although I'm not sure I'd call myself a fashionista I will try to bring you some of the more interesting of my finds as I trawl the Second Life designer outlets, corner shops, markets or my already grid-crashingly large inventory.

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