Thursday, 15 November 2007

The Epic Snail of Doom-ness

Or, as I more affectionately like to call it, the "Snorse."

A couple of days ago as I teleported into Popeye's (the club I manage) I was confronted by the MOST bizarre and funny thing I've seen in a while! A couple of minutes schmoozing later and I had procured one for myself! What, you ask? I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Epic Snail of Doom-ness::Original

The "Epic Snail of Doom-ness" was made by Ian Everidge and is worn as an attachment to your tush. As you slime around the metaverse it emits a fabulous clip-clopping noise (which seems so much more bearable on this than in expensive shoes) and the occasional whinny of a contented pony. Even more fabulous is that it is fully modifyable, so you can recolour and re-texture to your little heart's content! I just had to make a purple version, was screaming out to be Torley-fied, don't you agree?

Epic Snail of Doom-ness::Orchid and Watermelon Versions

OK, it isn't the most perfect bit of prim-work I've ever seen, and the texturing would make any fashonista worth her pixels squirm, but heck, it's fun! And isn't that what SL is about? I *LOVE* it!!!

And great news :: Ian has given me permission to give this away to blog readers for FREE! I've put an original out in a box at Popeye's together with the two recolours shown above, so tp over and pick yours up now!

What I'm wearing::
*Skin::Vogue Skin, Autumn No.3, Celestial Studios
*Hair::Maitreya, Mica-Blond Glow
*Coat::Long Mouton in brown, BareRose
*Skirt::Paper Couture, Libations skirt
*Scarf::artilleri, silky scarf, brown
*Boots::Nastasha Boots in Camel, Insolence


Crighton said...

Do you really fall asleep....anywhere?



Rowan said...

Wonderful snail - went right over to get it. But every time I try to 'ride' it, I ether get stuck in it's head of I fall off. What am I doing wrong? If I click on 'edit' I don't see an action, a script or anything that would #1 give me a place to sit or #2 make the poor thing slime around.

Did I just get a dud snail?

Tmayla Rotaru in SL.

Skinkie said...

@ Rowan

From your inventory, just right click on it and select "wear" - it will automatically attach to your pelvis. Make sure any Animator Overrider (AO) you have is off. You will get a message asking if the snail can take over your animation, click "yes". And them just walk as normal. You will appear to be seated on the chair on the snail's back, and it will "slime around".

HTH. Let me know if you have any further problems.

Skinks xx

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