Monday, 19 November 2007

Toot Toot!

One of the drawbacks, I am realising, of doing this blog is that I am giving all my secrets away (damn), but I'd not be doing my job properly if I didn't talk about the fantastic crafted and incredibly humorous creations of Tooter Claxton.

Tooter's store isn't one that you come across by accident, and at first glance it's quite unassuming.... until it starts talking to you. Attention thus being grabbed, it is clear that this is no ordinary roadside (or in this case, railside) seller. Oh no. One clearly needs one's sense of humour fully intact and switched on.

Tooter sells avatars, and vehicles. Not a huge number of either, all lined up in vendors with huge animated images, floating text and prices blazing down at you. They take the form of magazines propped up on a rusty old newstand, outside a run-down gin-joint. It is as you zoom in that you realise they really are something not to be missed, especially as you do a double take at the prices (L$50-L$250 per avatar).

Extraordinary avatars call for extraordinary locations to be done true justice, I'm sure you will agree, so I took a little trip to a couple of my favourite sims, Tableau and Fluid, to flex my photographic muscles. I'm sure you will agree, it was worth the teleport-crash-teleport-crash cycle that ensued. I have selected a handful of avatars, ranging from the hilarious to the nauseating to give you a taster. Those of a nervous disposition should look away now.

Kicking us off is the hilarious "Your Aunt" who comes complete with iron and an ironing board typing animation. The severe beehive, hairy wrists and specs, complete with neck chain, are the perfect antidote to the plethora of barbie-esque beauties that swamp the grid.

"Why They Have To Add Wrinkles I'll Never Know..."

The "Bug" and the "Fly" are immaculately textured and truly quite grotesque - not for the squeamish! But aren't they great!

A Bug's Life

No Flies On Me

One of my favourites has to be the "Voodoo Doll", not least because of the fun I had getting the photo's. As I was taking these images two innocent explorers/bounty hunters chanced upon me and alone, silent and still as I was, adjusting my camera angle for that perfect shot, presumed I was part of the d├ęcor. You can imagine their reaction when I went "Boo!" :-D


I'll not tell you who I imagined sticking pins into.... I'm sure it wasn't you.... *cough*

Once Tenshi Had Left It Was Safe To Get The Voodoo Doll BackOut

And with Thanksgiving only a few days away, I just HAD to show you the chook. This comes in two versions - fully feathered or the pre-prepared oven-ready plucked variety.

"Whaddaya mean, I'm plucked?"

After the discussions at Orange Island's Identity Summit last Friday, I'm left now wondering which of these fabulous avatars best represents my "brand". I'll leave you to make your own suggestions on that, but whichever of these you choose you can bet it would more than pay for itself were you to enter a themed avatar contest - but more on that in my next blog, "Skinkie's Guide to Winning" [working title] for all you party goers out there.

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Tooter Claxton said...

Ooh thanks for this great review! And thanks for showing me the way to this blog too :)
I was wondering what shopaholic bought all those avatars; now I know!
Great pictures!