Monday, 12 November 2007

Welcome to The Dressing Up Box

Don't you just LOVE dressing up? I do. For a formal, a party, a themed event or just for the hell of it, Second Life allows you to be who you want when you want, from the tiniest microscopic fairy, through animals of all shapes and sizes, witches, wizards, robots, UFO's, cartoons and children's characters, to blobs of jelly and spinning orbs of light. Even in humanoid form, the vast quantity of fabulous content available allows a completely different look every day, if you so wish. And it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg [bad pun intended], although the adage "you get what you pay for" is often-times the case (but not always).

Since joining SL early this year I have worked at a club where themed costume events are the norm. Being a perfectionist, and a shopaholic, searching every corner, nook and cranny of the grid to put together the perfect costume has fast become a hobby I love. And, as they say "those that can, do. Those that can't, blog." Until I overcome my inherent laziness and learn to build I guess I'll stick with the latter, and hopefully someone, somewhere, will read.

I'd love to hear from you. Do you know someone who makes fantastic costumes or avatars? Have you got a favourite that everyone just HAS to know about? Let me know. I don't promise to review/include it, but I'll certainly take a look.


Thema Felix said...

I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog tonight! You've already inspired me to check out Grandma (I bought the same top you wore in your shots of course!) and explore Tooter's creativity. Goldmine, I say, goldmine.

You know, if you're going to cover costumes, I just can't imagine you skipping over Siyu Suen and her amazing at/costume creations.
Completely breathtaking work, especially her latest additions.

Happy blogging!

Skinkie said...


Thanks for your comment :-) I have a MASSIVE backlog of costumes from a host of fantastic creators that I plan to cover here, including the wonderful Siyu Suen who I swear is single-handedly funded by my purchases from her ;-) [Just kidding, but I do own a lot of her work]. RL and other projects have delayed me a little this week, but I have a couple of articles in progress which I'll get up as soon as I've pulled it all together (photo's, pricing, slurl's, etc.).


Skinks xx