Friday, 23 November 2007

Warm Fuzzy Feelings

Ever felt in the mood to sit outside in the wintry sun, the cold air softly biting at your cheeks as you drift off with your thoughts, filled with all sorts of unspoken inner yumminess? Well that's just the way I've been feeling these last few days, so I decided to wrap up warm and head out into the metaverse in search of solitude and serenity with which to indulge myself, whilst you yanks were busy over-indulging.

The Elven sims were one of the first sims I ever explored in SL, the many years I spent playing a high level elven enchantress on EQ never far from my heart, so a revisit was in order. Things change fast in this world, and what were (if I recall correctly) only 4 sims on my last visit has now grown to a small continent of fae/elven role-playing sims, many of which are currently blanketed in snow, adding to the romantic ambience of these nature-inspired lands. I was in my element, and the elements, as you can see from the pictures below.


Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Feeling Small...


Oh, the outfit! Sorry, I drifted off with my thoughts there ;-)

Someone recently described me as having "giddy girlishness". Hmmm.... Whatever I think about that statement (/me rolls her eyes) it was the inspiration of this look, and fitted perfectly with my mood of feminine wistful happiness.

The coat, by the fabulous and fabulously named GRANDMA is warm and snuggly with a beautiful Chinoiserie-inspired pattern, perfectly aligned between system and prim layers. The sculptie sleeves needed tweaking a little for my shape, in fact I wondered if the cuffs on the jacket layer were perhaps a little too deep as the brown fur came almost to my elbow, but this is a minor quibble. It took me a while to decide what to wear on my lower half, trying and discarding over a dozen ideas, then finally plumping for the simplicity of PERSONA's woolen [sic] tights in pale blue. Ugg boots are a favourite of mine in RL, although I wear them without socks whenever possible so I can bury my toes in the soft sheepskin, exquisite! Eponymous Trenchmouth's SL reproduction, the "Ugh Boot" doesn't disappoint. The hair, with colour change hat, is Amber by ETD, perfect for chillier SL days, and the skin is the perfectly girlie Celestial/Astral Vogue skin in Amber from Deviant Nation. The look is finished with arguably the most perfect pearl earrings in SL, part of the Mama Harper range by Random Calliope - I adore them.

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