Saturday, 5 April 2008

Additions to the Interactions Range

This week has been a week of finishing off items and projects and catching up on things. These two additions to the Interactions range are available at both my Mainstore on Juicy (the one that looks like roman ruins) and my new shop on Pamran.

Firstly, a choker. It comes in all eight of the Interactions colourways, and although it is "no modify" it contains a resize script so you can achieve the perfect fit with just a few clicks.

A second bracelet for the range, this one considerably chunkier but bang on trend (if these things are important to you). Shown in two of the eight Interactions colourways.

Talking of "bang on trend", I hope the fashionista's amongst you will love this ring. Try it with a pair of long black gloves for a look that won't leave you ignored.

Again, these are available in the eight Interactions colourways at the ~flirt~ store in-world, and soon (when SL allows people in) OnRez

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