Saturday, 5 April 2008

~flirt~ spiral piercings

I have made a further two sets of piercings to add to the ~flirt~ piercings range. What I love about these piercings is that you don't have to be a goth/punk/urban/street/ghetto/whatever-usual-clich├ęs-wear-piercings" to wear them. They are a little subtle and truly beautiful whilst giving you a certain "edge". Of course, I'm slightly biased *grins*.

These two sets are based on a spiral piercing, with a "dangle" of either a tiny prim diamond/gem or a tiny sculpted prim heart. Four pieces are included for both ears, right eyebrow and lip. Male and female sizes are included. The male diamond lip piercing is slightly different to the female version to avoid it looking too..... errr... girlie. I think the lip-ring and diamond chin stud however works well. They come in my usual 5 metal colours, plus gunmetal & silver with onyx in place of the diamond.

See in store for full range.

Thanks to the delicious JoshuaStephen Schism for modelling with me for the pictures (it was tough work! *grins*) and Noel Oh for the jewellery close-ups and male silhouettes.


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